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Harpar ltd is one of the only training institutes in the UK to have such a wide range of accreditations. We are regulated through OFQUAL to ensure that you receive the highest standard of qualifications.

We design our material in house to provide you with up to date, exciting workbooks that are highly interactive and will enhance your learning experience.

We specialise in supported distance learning which means you can access any of our qualifications via online access. There is no attendance necessary, you can login 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ask a question to our training experts at any time.

, About us

Harpar ltd is a culmination of researchers, lecturers and experts in professional development and those with a wealth of experience and hands on knowledge. That is why we can produce workbooks that are full of all of the criteria you require to meet the qualification standards and full of tips to helps you develop fast in the workplace and your chosen career.

What makes us different?

Our approach to professional development is centred on you. The more you grow and develop, the more we see a learning system that delivers good results. . We are so sure our learning system will help you achieve more, develop your skills and build your confidence, we even provide benchmarking tools to measure the difference. We hope you’ll enjoy the new you that will emerge.

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, About us