Principles of Management and Leadership is a new level 3 Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification and is ideal for the development of Supervisors, First Line Managers, Project Managers and Shift Managers.

CMI qualifications at RQF level 3 portray practical skills and competences that are rated in academic terms as being comparable to GCSE AS/A Levels.

The course is implemented via an online Virtual Learning Environment. Assignments are available from (and are submitted to) your Tutor who will mark and provide feedback.

Learners may also wish to further their ongoing personal and professional development by accessing other CMI qualifications, such as the CMI level 5 qualifications in Management and Leadership with the goal of becoming a Chartered Manager.

The course is certificated by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is delivered in collaboration with the CMI. Learners will receive access to the Management Direct online support repository as part of their registration.

Award – Learners must complete at least one unit to a minimum of 40 TUT (Total unit time) hours to achieve this qualification.

Key Benefits

You will gain significant improvement in a wide range of management and supervisory techniques

The acquisition of qualities and skills achieved through a Diploma or Certificate, will assist you in your promotional prospects and lead to successful career progression

Using the course assignments, you will study management theories and models that will assist in a wide range of practical work scenarios. These will boost your workplace problem-solving skills, upon completion of the course

This course is recognised Nationally, ensuring that all credits earned during the course are transferable into other programmes within a similar discipline

You will study current practices in relation to workplace supervision and management. This knowledge allows you to manage workplace problems with the maximum level of competence