Handling Information Care Certificate


In the Care industry you will need to handle sensitive information about your client.  We are aware of the confidentiality of this information, however this course covers how to address and dilemmas concerning confidentiality and how to report any concerns.  This course will help you understand your responsibilities, legislation and how to protect yourself and your clients.

Handling Information

Confidentiality is a very important right of individuals who receive care and support. It is part of the relationship of trust that individuals have with healthcare support workers and adult social care workers.

Information should always be shared on a need-to-know basis only, for example, with other workers involved in the individual’s care. You should not share information with anybody else, even the person’s family or friends, without the individual’s permission. For example, an individual may not want a friend to know about their health or if they have been unhappy. It is also essential to protect private information from accidental viewing or hearing. For example, if you met another worker and chatted about your work you should consider whether others would be able to hear or if a personal letter to an individual was left in a public place where other people could read it.

This course covers examples of how to protect yourself and you clients and understand your responsibilities.