Your Personal Development Care Certificate


Personal development is something we do everyday, however it needs to be structured in a way that is easy to follow and shows results.  This course allows you to follow a simple plan to demonstrate how you have developed your skills in a clear and consistent manner, using easy to use tools that help you to continually learn.

Personal development happens throughout your life. At work, it starts with agreeing your aims and objectives and thinking about your strengths and development needs. You then set goals so that you can meet your objectives and make the most of your talent.

A personal development plan (PDP) is an action plan that helps you get organised, identifies learning and development needs to help you do your job better or help in your career, and then tracks progress.

For those new to health and social care, the Care Certificate is the beginning of your learning and will usually form part of your induction. All good employers will want to develop their workers further over time. A development plan to achieve this might be agreed during your induction period or during a review at a later point

This course will cover the importance of personal development, hoot make it easier for you and keeping on track to increase your confidence, your ability and your competence in the workplace and beoyond