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Why is this service needed?

In challenging economic times, professional and membership organisations often struggle to find appropriate resources to manage and uphold their CPD and accredited provider schemes.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the key to maintaining success in any career.  You can download any of these books to develop yourself at any time.  Add these books as part of your CPD to ensure you meet your professional standards and continual learning obligations.

What are the benefits of CPD?

The benefits of CPD can be seen from two perspectives – that of the employee and that of the employer.

For employees, CPD helps them keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also ensures that the professional standard their qualifications and registrations is maintained. Furthermore, it contributes to their professional sense of direction. Completing CPD helps build their confidence and credibility, allows them to showcase their achievements and equips them with tools to cope positively with change.

CPD is beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement. Our CPD research project confirmed that for anyone hoping to get promoted, or wanting to specialise in a different area, demonstrating their learning agility and dedication to CPD can make a substantive difference. In real terms, this means that CPD contributes to achieving higher salaries.

For employers, the primary benefit of CPD is ensuring that standards across the company are high and consistent. CPD also promotes greater work engagement from the workforce and general commitment to job roles. Having a number of employees undertake CPD, whether concurrently or over a period of time, allows for the sharing of best practice and support. CPD also contributes to maximising staff potential, improves staff moral and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals.

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