Understand your Role in Health and Social Care Settings Care Certificate


Understand the importance of knowing your boundaries in the Care industry, your responsibilities and what your organisation expects form you and what you should expect form them.  having clear boundaries will ensure you appreciate your aims and objectives and the purpose of your input in the workplace.

Your role will have a job description. This tells you
what your main duties and responsibilities are and who you report to. Ask your employer for a copy if you do not have it.

You should know what is expected of you but also what is not included in your role.

It will be almost impossible for a job description to list every task you will do but it should largely reflect your role.

The kinds of duties that might be in your job description are:

  •   Providing care and support, working in a person centred way, communicating well, building relationships and promoting equality and diversity
  •   Working as part of a team, being a supportive team member and developing your skills to improve your work
  •   Contributing to activities in a safe way, keeping and filing clear records, keeping toregulations, following the agreed way of working
  •   Respecting confidentiality by not discussing any personal information on individuals or staff with unauthorised people, and storing records securely.